Hp printer won’t print

There can be a lot of reason that your printer won’t print before going through the troubleshooting steps for Hp printer won’t print there are few checkups we should do

First is to check what is the error message or is it a warning light on the printer.second is too check whether there is paper in the trays, check there is ink in the cartridges, your cable or wifi is connected to wifi. In case the issue doesn’t resolve here are few troubleshooting steps

  •  update or reinstall printer drivers, most of the cases of printer not working is due to a faulty driver or if you haven’t updated the driver. make sure to update the driver regularly
  • in case you have multiple printers put one of them as default printer
  • Remove all the print jobs if you have them in the queue, clear all the print job so that your printer can work normally
  • Check the status of the printer in the case the above steps won’t work there might be a hardware issue in the printer you 
  • Make sure your printer is connected properly in case you need assistance with Hp Printer wireless setup our team can help you 

So By Following these troubleshooting steps, your printer will start printing and But still, in case any issue persists while performing these steps then you can contact our team. We have a certified team of technicians that will not only resolve these issues but will also take regular feedbacks so these issues would not occur in the future. Our technical experts provide 24 X7 customer service to every user of HP Printers.

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